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Meet The Poopy Pals Gang!

Vinnie is from Brooklyn, NY. And he's got the accent to prove it! He's got an attitude similar to the Bowery Boys. Vinnie's not the brightest but he's a great friend and loyal to the bone!


Sarge speaks and acts like a Sarge in the Army. He thinks he's the boss of the group! Sarge's tough-love mentality is the backbone of his personality. He's never one to pull back on giving 'fatherly' advice either!


This sweetheart of the bunch always looks on the good side of things. She's probably the smartest of them all, just don't expect this down-to-earth cutie to flaunt her intelligence!


Rex is one energetic puppy! For what he lacks in smarts he makes up for with pure enthusiasm. Rex LOVES eating, chasing his tail, and chatting with his friends!


This cat is very diverse. He takes care of his looks and may come off as shallow. But he knows weird facts and gossip like the back of his immacutely manicured paw!


Bailey is a purple Scottish Terrier with the Scottish accent to match! As a Mom, she makes things happen for the good of the group. She looks out for all her friends in a Motherly fashion.