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Our Founder

Owner Of Cygany, Inc., Manufacturer Of All The Poopy Products, Created A Company Making “Made In USA” Products, And Continues To Create National Brand With New ONLINE Presence!!

Patricia Henderson, President and CEO. Ms. Henderson, a geophysicist by degree, has spent over forty years in the Oil Industry, seventeen of those years overseas in various locations including Norway, Denmark, the UK, and Indonesia. She was a pioneer for women working offshore in the Norwegian North Sea Sector on exploration rigs; she was the first expatriate female professional to transfer to Indonesia with dependents. She started her first consulting company in 1983 that grew into a data processing center as well as large consulting group, specializing in high-tech interpretation procedures. Patricia has recently relocated to Houston to continue consulting, while continuing to run The Poopy Products business.

In 2000, in Chicago, Patricia started Cygany, Inc., a pet product manufacturing company. It was during this time that the PetGem® (gold plated jewelry for pets) idea was generated and sold to over 5000 stores. The time and effort that has been put into Cygany, Inc. has resulted in the Poopy Products®, over 30 products designed for pet waste management, including Poopy Pickups®, Poopy Pee Pee Pads®, Poopy Scoopy Bucket®, etc!!!. All pet products have now been sold to several different industries: pet industry, mass market, grocer, parks, leased properties, campgrounds… and are in every state in the United States as well as many stores in Canada.

Poopy Products® are now in over 25,000 stores throughout the USA(including all Online Stores such as Amazon.com, etc) and Canada. These major product placements have taken the revenue up to a million dollars in annual sales.

The New Poopy Products ONLINE presence will grow online sales in ALL online venues that the Poopy Products can be found on!!

All products, all APP and Animation Film production, and all assembly of all products are MADE IN THE USA!!!